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Shuck you very much!

Since moving to Brisbane several months ago, I’ve had various people tell me about a coffee house that I absolutely must visit. So the other week I decided to meet a friend and see for myself exactly what everyone keeps raving about. I’m talking about Shucked Coffee House, a trendy little café tucked away in the industrial streets of Newstead.

And yes, I know exactly what you’re thinking. What an unlikely place for a coffee house and you’d be right, but at the same time, discovering Shucked amongst a group of car dealerships is what makes it such a gem. Best known for its breakfasts, brunches and incredible coffee, Shucked will leave you with nothing else to say but, “shucks, that was so brunch-alicious!”

Originally a warehouse, Shucked has been transformed into a modern coffee house/cafe which carries vintage tones and an all over warming feeling. The atmosphere is inviting from the moment you step through the door. The staff are all smiles and extremely friendly (not to mention helpful when it comes to choosing what to eat as the choices are endless). Needless to say, it’s the perfect place to bring a group of friends on a late Saturday morning, sip lattes, catch up and share a plate (or two).

It was about midday when my friend Katerina and I ordered. As I had skipped breakfast, I was craving eggs and after much contemplation, I eventually opted for the sweet potato rosti served with poached egg, wilted spinach, crispy bacon and caramelised balsamic onion. Katerina chose the lunch special that just so happened to be homemade rabbit ragout served with parmesan cheese and toasted turkish bread. All of it was absolutely divine!

Feeling extremely comforted after such a satisfying meal, there was no way we could leave straight away so Katerina and I decided to be adventurous and ordered chili hot chocolates. While I’ve had chili hot chocolates in the past (and loved them) this one was like no other. After one sip, our lips began to burn, our mouths were on fire and neither of us could reach for the water fast enough. As a person who doesn’t mind a bit of spice, lets just say I won’t be having one of those anytime soon.

Sadly, parking near Shucked is a bit of a problem. While there’s an array of paid (and unpaid) parking bays, getting one is difficult given the amount of people who work in the surrounding area, so catching public transport is highly recommended. But apart from that, Shucked is a definite must, whether you live in Brisbane or are just passing through. You won’t be disappointed and if you don’t believe me, you can always check them out on Urbanspoon.