About me/contact

I have always enjoyed writing as it is one of the key ways I communicate with people (whether it be through text messages, emails, journaling or even Facebook).  In an ever-changing society, writing has allowed me to express what I am passionate about and has helped keep the creative juices flowing. It was while I was completing my Bachelor of Journalism, that I  discovered the power of words and how they have the ability to bring change.

I have a strong interest in politics, foreign affairs and social justice but in particular human trafficking. In late 2011/early 2012, I spent time traveling throughout South East Asia where I volunteered with a Christian NGO called ‘Destiny Rescue’ who work in rescuing young girls and women from sex trafficking while aiming to end child slavery and poverty. Without a doubt, the whole experience has changed my perspective and made me even more passionate in wanting to raise awareness about these issues.

My other passion in life is food – cooking, baking and eating while sipping endless cups of tea and coffee. I love getting creative in the kitchen as much as I love eating out and catching up with friends over a good meal. This blog is a place for me to think and share with you some of my foodie experiences and moments. Watch this space!