Slow and steady wins the race

WHO delegates and Directors, Michael Nowland & Lauren Griffin

WHO reaches final resolution first

Right from beginning of this morning’s proceedings, delegates of the World Health Organization were keen to get things underway.

The topic of pharmaceutical companies came into discussion however ended up as a controversial topic with the delegate for Australia pointing out that the use of pharmaceutical companies in developing countries would lead to corruption and bribing.

It was also argued to what extent vaccines could be developed within these pharmaceutical companies.

The WHO was also graced with the presence of China and a delegate who represented the so called ‘African Union’.  Before long it was a case of developing nations against developed nations.

After what felt like a drawn out process of draft resolution after draft resolution a final resolution was passed with Pakistan the only one to vote against the resolution with the UK abstaining.

Pakistan felt that developing countries needs weren’t met while the UK believed the resolution was not thorough enough.

The final resolution recognized the following:

  • Designates this outbreak as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern as per Article 12 of the International Health Regulations, and as such recommends that states mobilize their plans for a Phase 6 response;
  • Encourages the involvement of relevant international and non-government organizations in providing greater access to resources and response programs to countries with a lesser capacity at their request;
  • Strongly recommends that states work with aviation authorities to monitor the spread of the influenza through information gathering measures performed in accordance with Article 23 of the IHR and the stipulations of international human rights law

After what has been an exhausting weekend of debating, crisis updates, working papers and drafting numerous amendments, delegates of the WHO should be very proud of their efforts in achieving a diplomatic resolution to this impending crisis.


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